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The 2010 3rd Issue of Animal News is now on sale.

Cover stories:

Which Way Do You Swing?
Animal News launches a new study on cat people/dog people and their peculiarities

Stop Canine Profiling
Working to overturn the Pit Bull Ban

Relics of a Bygone Era?

So, You Still Want a Purebred?
Adopting versus buying


Also in this issue:

  • Why some people still buy dogs from breeders
    Promoting pet overpopulation or saving lives?

  • Targeting the innocent
    How Ontario's Pit Bull Ban is shattering lives. Working to overturn the Breed Specific Legislation

  • It is a raccoon life!
    Fun time for our furry masked friends

  • A rescue story: Sam the Sheltie
    Cooperation and goodwill save the life of an old dog

  • Newsroom
    Animal news from the world

  • Adoption Center
    Great animals looking for forever homes

  • Classifieds

Animal News is a quarterly publication done entirely by volunteers.

All proceeds from the Animal News are going to the animals under the care of
ORA - Organization for the Rescue of Animals.